Christina Prejean in uniform

Advanced Programs’ Graduate Earns 2010 NAIMES Student Spotlight Award

Congratulations to the United States Air Force First Lieutenant, Christina Prejean for being selected as one of two recipients of the 2010 NAIMES Student Spotlight Award!

OU graduate, Christina Prejean, was named a recipient of the 2010 NAIMES Student Spotlight Award. Prejean, an Air Force Support Officer and First Lieutenant stationed at Mt. Home AFB, Idaho, is currently on a six-month deployment to Afghanistan where she serves as a Protocol Officer.

While serving in Afghanistan, she earned her Master of Public Administration degree through Advanced Programs, a division of The University of Oklahoma Outreach which offers advanced degrees to military service men and women serving on domestic bases and overseas.

The NAIMES Student Spotlight Award is a $1,200 prize awarded by the National Association of Institutions for Military Education Services (NAIMES) and co-sponsor, MBS Direct, LLC, to active duty service members whose collegiate work while enrolled in the Voluntary Education program of the Armed Forces demonstrates scholarly excellence.

This year’s applicants were asked to describe how their goals for higher education enhanced their service’s ability to meet its objectives by demonstrating academic achievement to the military and civilian educational community through education, and how the academic experience has influenced their military career.

University Outreach wishes First Lieutenant Prejean all the very best in her future pursuits.

(Information accredited to NAIMES Website)

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