Carol LaRue, occupational therapist, author, national speaker, and coach, is the STRESSCARE Mastery Facilitator for this event.

American Indian Institute to Host Wellness Empowerment Event


The American Indian Institute (Aii) will host the 2018 STRESSCARE: Mastery and Mentor wellness empowerment intensive October 18-20 in Miami, Oklahoma. The two and one-half day event will address a variety of culturally relevant issues, including training in holistic approaches to personal stress management and mentoring others in effective STRESSCARE skills.

In this training, participants will increase their individual awareness and take charge of their personal stress levels. The training includes learning and integrating a set of STRESSCARE practices and skills to maintain optimum personal energy in the face of stressful situations and the demands of everyday life—at home and at work—while caring for body, mind, spirit, and emotions.

The skills learned and practiced during the event will provide individuals with the long-term benefits of preventing and managing burnout, challenging relationships, physical and mental fatigue, poor self-care choices, illness, chronic disease and workplace turnover. Each participant will master and teach at least three effective STRESSCARE practices that can be shared with friends, family, and co-workers. Additional topics include understanding the personal, professional and organizational cost of stress; behavioral change; integrative wellness, energy assessment and management; mindfulness; and mentoring, among others.

The training will be led by Carol LaRue, an occupational therapist, and integrative wellness author, national speaker, and coach. Her experience in leadership and business ownership in the healthcare industry, coupled with her own struggle and triumph over burnout and stress-induced illness provides her with expertise and understanding of the challenges faced by people who simply do too much and who seek to achieve harmony in work and home commitments.

Registration is $395 for the full event and is currently open. The registration fee includes all conference sessions, as well as lunch and snacks.

The American Indian Institute was established in 1951 at the University of Oklahoma as a non-profit Native American service, training and research organization. It provides numerous outreach services including health promotion and disease prevention; Indian education; art, culture and language preservation; and tribal leadership and organization development. Aii has formed collaborative partnerships with American Indian, Native Alaskan and Canadian First Nation tribes and bands. For more information on services, conferences, and registration, visit

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