OU’s Developmental Mathematics Courses Available

The University of Oklahoma Outreach is offering basic and intermediate algebra in a two-semester sequence to students who need a refresher in math.

OU Outreach collaborates with colleges on the University of Oklahoma campus as well as Redlands Community College to offer additional opportunities for credit and noncredit courses.

Developmental Mathematics (DMAT) sections are taught by 12 OU and Redlands Community College math instructors. “We selected these instructors based on their classroom teaching experience and their ability to motivate students,” said Nancy Matthews, DMAT director.

At OU, these courses serve as the prerequisites to:
• Mathematics for Critical Thinking (MATH 1473)
• College Algebra (MATH 1503)
• Pre-calculus for Business, Life, and Social Science Majors (MATH 1643)

Most students enrolling in these courses either have a low score on the mathematics placement test offered through OU’s University College or choose to take one of these courses based on their ACT or SAT scores.

The typical student is either a returning student who needs a refresher in mathematics before tackling college-level mathematics or a traditional student who does not have a strong foundation in high school mathematics.

For more information about Outreach’s developmental math courses, visit the website at https://pace.ou.edu.