Collegiate Pilots take to the Sky in Durant



Students standing in front of plane

OU Flying Sooners Secure 4th Place at 9 team Region VI Regional’s Held at SOSU Durant OK
Congratulations to all team members — your hard work and dedication have earned you respect for your aviation skills. You represented the University of Oklahoma, The College of Continuing Education and the Department of Aviation with Excellence and most importantly as aviation professionals!

In individual awards the Flying Sooners took:
1st place in one category – Congratulations Alex Warren!
4 Individuals scored in the top 3 positions of an event
9 Individuals scored in the top 10 of an event
30 individuals scored in the top 20 of an event
Typically each event had at least 40 individuals competing in each event.


Aircraft Recognition:
Dan Baumel 9th
Niki Bray 10th

Computer Accuracy:

Corby Carter 11th
Niki Bray 16th
Katie Gayon 17th

Simulated Comprehensive Aircraft Nav (SCANs):
Alex Warren 1st! (CONGRATULATIONS)
Zac Boyd 6th
Gregory Rosser 15th
Matt Sullivan 16th

Aircraft Preflight Inspection
Gregory Rosser 20th

Ground Trainer (Flight Simulator Flight)
Niki Bray 7th


Message Drop:
Matt Sullivan & Greg Rosser 3rd – Congratulations!
Alex Warren & Chase Magnuson 6th
Zac Boyd & Joshua Thomas 15th
Zac Boyd & Matt Sullivan 20th

Navigation Event:
Zac Boyd & Katie Gayon 10th
Gregory Rosser & Josh Thomas 12th
Chase Magnuson & Alex Warren 18th

Power Off Precisions Landings:
Niki Bray 7th
Zac Boyd 14th

Short Field Landings:
Justin McMurray 3rd – Congratulations!
Niki Bray 7th
Corby Carter 11th

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