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Relaunch of Outreach Newsletter


Welcome to YOUR newsletter—from your Marketing Team!

The Marketing and Communication office has been busy readying Reaching Out Online, an online newsletter for Outreach staff and friends. We hope you like its new look and hope you find it chock full of useful and interesting information about Outreach programs and people.

This online newsletter offers you:
• Feature articles
• Stories about students and staff
• Video from Outreach advertising campaigns and other videos
• Recent photos
• A connection to the Outreach Facebook page (like Outreach on Facebook!),
• Archives of past stories
• Search options

Content will be continually updated and you can choose to subscribe to an RSS feed that will notify you, via email, when updates have been made. We also will be sending out occasional email messages noting updates.

For her tireless pioneering work in getting Reaching Out Online up and running and ongoing help, I want to thank Bonny Million. For the new content and look of the newsletter, I thank Ann White (M&C writer), Chelsey Kraft (M&C student writing intern), and Loren Glover (M&C graphic designer). Ashley Brand had been our rock in ensuring that bills for the new design theme and Constant Contact get paid. They have all done a spectacular job!

Please check out Reaching Out Online on your computer, iPhone, or iPad—and keep coming back for more!

Jerry Jerman
Director, Marketing and Communication

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