A photo of a group that went on the China travel-study program trip provided through the China Outreach Institute

Institute provides Resources related to China

A 24-person delegation from the Shengli Oil Field in China sent by SINOPEC, organized by China University of Petroleum Beijing (CUPB), will be on the University of Oklahoma campus Sept. 1-21 to undergo training through Outreach’s China Outreach Institute.

“In China Outreach, we really see ourselves as a window to outreach to the people from China, especially people in the energy industry because OU has a very strong program in petroleum engineering, and we have a long history with the energy companies from China,” said Sharon Gou, director of China Outreach Institute and the OU Confucius Institute.

Accommodations are being finalized for the group, Gou said. Several possible field trips are also being planned for the delegation, including places like the Western Heritage Museum, the Bricktown area, a baseball or football game, the Sam Noble Museum of Natural History, the Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art and a buffalo tour in Mountain View, Okla.

The first executive and engineering group came to OU for training in 2002. Training has been conducted for groups in other areas of work, including aviation, universities, government agencies, human resources, and meteorology, Gou said.

“If it is China-related, and if we are tasked by the university to do it, we are very happy to do whatever needs to be done to facilitate the exchange with China,” Gou said.

Other than the training program, the China Outreach Institute also provides other resources. One is a travel-study program to China, mainly for OU students. An alumni trip has also been developed but has not yet occurred, and the institute would like to open up the trip to even more participants.

“We are hoping in the future to open the program up to the people in the community, so more people will have the opportunity to go to China to experience the country and also to build friendships between here and China,” Gou said.

Since she came to America from China in 1991, Gou has been passionate about building bridges between the two countries. She thinks the institute is a way to do this and is valuable to the community. One example is a couple of students who have decided to find a job or start a company in China after attending the travel-study program, which, in turn, provides more connections between OU and China, Gou said.

The training programs are also valuable for OU and delegation members who travel to the university for training.

“I think it is really a win-win situation because by us doing China-related programs not only will we bring in the revenue that we need in this critical economic time for our college but we can also share knowledge,” Gou said.

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